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Service Laptop Guide

Almost everyone who has ever owned a laptop has had a problem with it at some time or another.

These problems can range from something as simple as a damaged LCD to something as complicated as a laptop that has suffered the results of a serious power surge.

One that has had liquid dropped on it.

The important point with laptop repair is to first of all understand the level of laptop repair of which you are capable.

If you only know the basics, and suffer a disastrous systems failure, you should have the sense to leave it to the experts.

However minor repairs of your laptop can certainly be done by you personally.

Welcome to my spring laptop buyer’s guide.

It should be an easy time for laptop buyers, now that we’re six months past the introduction of Microsoft’s redesigned Windows 8 operating system.

Laptop makers have had time to get into a new groove.

Laptop chip level repairing

Laptop chip level training is one of the advance technical courses.

It deals with fixing all-in-one problems in the laptop functioning.

During the training, everything assembly components (identification, working and testing) is explained in detail.


For this course, one has to be familiar with basics, and card-level repairing of the laptop.

Basic Electronics:

A complete overview of solid state and SMD (surface mounted) components is given in the laptop repair course.

The SMD components of laptop are inclusive of resistors, condensers, PNP and NPN transistors, resistor color coding system, fuse, coils and many more.

Training is also provided on their working and testing (power supply) part as well.


This is inclusive of rectification and filtering, types of adapter, sample configuration, SMPS, etc. For proper explanation block and circuit diagrams are frequently used.



Detailed description of motherboard is must to repair various problems or faults in laptop chip level repairing.

You will learn tracing different sections of motherboard such as clock generator, CPU temperature control, north bridge chips, graphic chips, south bridge chip, etc.


After identification soldering, de-soldering is the next step. Special training on BGA (Ball Grid Array) is also provided by a number of reputed institutes.


Testing using instruments:

Technical skills are required as to know how to use the testing instruments.

You will find a number of chip level training institutes in Delhi which provide ample knowledge about testing laptop motherboard using digital multimeter.

A digital multimeter checks the point of fault in the overall supply. You can also learn how to read component datasheet.


Other machines like oscilloscope, BIOS programmer, diagnostic card and also used in the training process.



The last step is to find the best solution for basic to advance defaults in the laptop the basic problems may include battery problems, no charging, no output, not booting, over heat, RAM related, direct error display, password related, inner noise and many more.


Apart from these advance chip level course also provide skills & techniques for repairing VRM section, hot testing of motherboard, CCFL testing, Wi-Fi circuit testing, etc.


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