How many step for Free Marketing Tools?

 Free Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without…

I actually get asked this question a lot by my mentoring clients too, and so I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you the 28 top free marketing tools.

I use daily to help me make money online.

The best part of all is that each and every tool is 100% FREE too!

  1. Google Reader

If you’re not currently using RSS to keep up to date with the best content on the web, then you really need to start today.

Almost all blogs publish an RSS feed, and that means that if you use an RSS feed reader, you can have the content of that site delivered to you as soon as it happens.


Google Reader which you can use by clicking here. It’s completely free, very easy to use, and it will save you loads of time.

  1. Roboform

If you want to earn more, and work less, then you really need to download Roboform today.

Out of all of the different marketing tools that I’ve used, this one saves me the most time by far.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll have dozens of usernames and passwords for loads of different sites.


To visit any site you just select it from the drop down menu and then Roboform takes you to the relevant page and logs you in.

  1. Stumbleupon Toolbar

If you want more traffic (and don’t we all), then you need to download the Stumbleupon Toolbar today.

As you surf the net you simply hit a little “thumbs up” icon on the toolbar, and this then gets added to your profile as a site that you like.


Like all the social networking sites, the traffic isn’t of a brilliant quality, but if you’re going to use one social networking site to drive traffic then make it Stumbleupon.

  1. Zamzar

Zamzaris a fantastic free online tool that allows you to convert files from one format to another, without the need to download bulky software.

It supports a huge variety of different formats, and its perfect for those times when you need to convert something to a PDF fast, or when you need to turn a gif into a jpeg.


They have upgrade options available but I’ve always been more than happy with their free service.

  1. Good Keywords

Good Keywords is a cool little downloadable program that helps you with your keyword research.

It has loads of features, and is pretty fast at what it does too.


The only problem is that it’s based on slightly out of date information, but it’s still a fantastic starting point for your online keyword research.

  1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another fantastic timesaver that is completely free, and which really helps me save lots of time during the day.

This blog post is on free marketing tools, and so I might set up an alert to notify me whenever anything about marketing tools is discussed online.


Let’s say there was a discussion in an online forum about which were the best marketing tools to use.

  1. Onlywire Bookmarklet.

If you’re not currently using social bookmarking as a way of driving traffic to your sites, then start today and enjoy the traffic that it sends you.

One of the problems with bookmarking is that the whole process of submitting your site across multiple different services is time consuming and tedious.

It’s a 100% free service which allows you to bookmark your sites aross loads of different services with one quick and easy click.


this blog some traffic love too.

  1. Gimp

Whatever you do online there’s a good chance that at some point you’ll need to use some sort of graphics editor.

I normally use Fireworks, which is a tad on the expensive side, but when working at my friends house I often use Gimp.


It’s completely free of charge, and has more than enough functions for most internet marketers to grapple.

  1. Picresize

Whenever I make an ebook I always end up having to resize the pictures on the inside.

Usually I’ll use Fireworks or Snagit, but if I’m out and about and don’t have access to those programs then I go running to Picresize.

It’s a free web based image resizer, and you simply upload your image and then select how big you want it to be, and that’s it.


Your picture will be resized as quick as a flash, and then you’re good to go!

  1. Smart Ftp

When it comes to getting your files uploaded to the net then you’re going to need some FTP software.

The good news is that there’s loads of different options available out there, but my favourite by far is Smart FTP.


It’s quick, powerful, and pretty simple to use. And if you do get stuck then there’s loads of free online user guides to help you on your way.

  1. Copyscape

If you’re ever worried about people stealing your content online (and you should be!), the you’re going to want too heck out Copyscape.

The debate is still raging about whether penalties for duplicate content exists or not.

but I’d still advise you to have a quick peep if anyone has stolen your content every now and then.

Simply type your website address into the box, and then click submit, and this free tool will rush off and check if anyone is copying your page when they shouldn’t be.


A handy tool, and once again it’s 100% free of course!

  1. Camstudio

The internet is getting faster around the world, and 2008 really is going to be the year of video.

I use video a lot, and I’ve seen first hand just how powerful a tool it can be to help you communicate your message to your target market.


I use Camtasia most of the time, but when I end up on someone’s computer for a few days and I need to make a video fast, then I always turn to Camstudio.

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